We keep the lights on

Ready? Say Cheese! Actually, we don't have any real pictures because we are too busy brewing beer! But rest assured we look exactly the same as below.

avatar - Ted.gif


Founder with 7 years of experience working in the bio-tech industry mainly on the manufacturing of vaccines and have five years of home-brewing experience.

Loves beer, video game, and cats, oh and ice cream.

avatar - Jim.gif


Head brewer and former brewer at Manantler Craft Brewing Co. Music lover and upright bass player in band the Stone Sparrows with an eye also for design. Recently (by that we mean very recently) became a proud dad of baby boy Benjamin.

avatar - Rachel 2.gif


Manages finance and writes the blog part-time. A chartered accountant currently also working at a Toronto area IT-startup.

Loves reading, learning about business trends and sometimes just zoning out and doing nothing.

avatar - Al.gif


Assistant brewer and cold room manager. Also studied biotechnology.

Loves game nights of D&D, Magic Cards and Catan with friends.

avatar - Johnny.gif


Manages retail sales and marketing part-time. Mechanical designer by training and work experience but above all, loves working with people.

Local resident of Bowmanville with a dog named "Lady" who can't swim but easily slips and falls into swimming pools while chasing a ball.