On World Cup, and Beer

As the World Cup is now officially under way, many people in different parts of the world will be waking up early or going to bed late just to catch a glimpse of the live game in action, and to cheer their country on. At Chronicle Brewing, we want to do our share to celebrate this exciting international event and the universal spirit of sportsmanship, but in a less sports, and more, you know, beer way. So for the next month, stay tuned and check our website often for our very own take on the World Cup, with Beer Instead (“WCWBI”).

Day 1 of WCWBI: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia


"To stay on your wave means to do what you want whenever you want it."

These words are echoed by the adventurous spirits at the Jaws Brewery, the producer of the first IPAs in Russia. The Jaws Brewery is located in the small atomic town of Zarechny, and resides in a building that was once a laundry center. Jaws’ flagship beer is therefore appropriately named the “Nuclear Laundry”. The IBU of this beer, at 101, is intended to create same intense feeling as a nuclear explosion on the drinker’s palate.  Maybe it’s the only way to convince people to part with Vodka?

Saudi Arabia

This is a difficult one as we at Chronicle Brewing do not know if it’s legal to drink beer in public in Saudi Arabia. However, we did a search and found the “Best Beers of Saudi Arabia” through “RateBeer” to be a Moussy Pomegranate, made by the Arrow Beverage Factory, of the style Fruit Beer. Yummmmm… mousse….. Yummmmm Pomegranate……But further clicking showed that there was only one rating for this beer, so the ranking might be slightly inconclusive.

The Winner Is

Russia. Duh, we wrote this after the game. Though Moussy Promegranate sounds just insanely delicious. Maybe we’ll make one some day!