Day 8 - It’s OK Messi

It’s been a bad week for Argentina soccer fans as Croatia beat Argentina 3:0 in the second match of the Group Stage. Globe and Mail ran an article on whether Russia is going to be the turning point in terms of reputations for stars Ronaldo vs. Messi as Ronaldo scored points after points for Portugal while Messi and Argentina disappointed. I can only imagine the kind of pressure Messi and the Argentina team is facing currently.

So, in support of Messi, today’s feature breweries/beer are those of Argentina.   

Patagonia is a region that covers the southernmost part of Argentina and Chile and one of the most scenic regions on earth. With a landscape defined by glaciers, volcanos and terraced plains, the Patagonia national park system, at 10 million acres, is three times the size of the Yosemite and Yellowstone parks combined. Tourists to the Patagonia region are treated to more than just the beautiful scenery however, as Patagonia is also where Argentina’s blossoming craft beer scene is at.

 Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina

Cerveceria El Bolsón is one of such local craft breweries in Patagonia. Located in the heart of brewing country and where the first hops in Argentina was grown, Cerveceria El Bolsón offers a standard line-up of pilsner-style, extra dark bock and wheat beers. In addition, it offers something very unique -- a chilli pepper cerveza (El Bolsón Picante).

 Chilli pepper beer (  El Bolsón Picante

Chilli pepper beer ( El Bolsón Picante

This blonde ale with chilli pepper is ideal for those who prefer intense flavours and pairs greatly with Mexican foods. Be warned however, it is hot!

So if you are ever in this region, while enjoying the mountains, lakes and forests, make sure you don’t forget to sample a chilli pepper beer which will be sure to make your trip all the more memorable!