The Final: Champagne Beer vs. Unbeatable Scenery

The World Cup final is just around the corner and what a journey it has been. Even Paul the Octopus would have been challenged predicting this one.

So as sad as it is to not going to have an excuse for slacking off at work anymore, at least there is still lots of summer left and that means camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming (at this moment my thoughts drifted far away onto sandy beaches and the sound of waves knocking against shores, and I could feel the cold sea water touching my feet and see my footprints in the yellow sand, and memory of carefree days spent with friends and family in such idyllic surrounding became so real I could feel it). Alas, summer is for day dreaming.

Coming back to the topic of World Cup after waking up from day dreams, if given the choice of visiting France or Croatia, which would you pick? I am by no means well travelled so in my simple mind this is a choice between an experience of culture (France) vs. natural scenery (Croatia) and I would, without a doubt, pick scenery. Because it is what I like and emotionally resonate with. So this is the reason, as I was researching for this post, when I came across this picture of a Croatia beer below, I was instantly mesmerized and decided to feature it without even reading its descriptions. But of course, I still read it at the end, and Vunetovo, as this beer is called, is from the island of Hvar in Croatia. The two bottles you are looking at, from left to right, are an Alaskan “Mrgud”, a classic black IPA, and a stout, respectively. And I am jealous of this brewery for being able to use Croatian nature as backdrop for its pictures.   

As to France, today I want to feature a kind of beer that is related and certainly inspired by France – the Champagne Beer. Champagne beers, or sometimes called “Brut” beers are time consuming to make - they take approximately 20 days of fermentation, after which the beer is filtered followed by the addition of champagne yeast and white rock sugars. The yeast then does its magic breaking down the added sugar into additional amount of alcohol, creating a thin, dry, crisp and super-carbonated finish that resembles the mouthfeel of Champagne. Ooh la la, right? What other words are there. Looking forward to making this beer one day!

Finally, good luck Croatia, good luck France. You’re both champions for making it this far. Cheers!